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Finance Department

Customer Service (Water Billing)

Bossier City E-Payments Online

 How can I setup an account?

  • New accounts need to come to our office.

Can I transfer my account to another address?

  • An account can be transferred to another address as long as the bill for the old address has been paid in full.

Do I have to come in the office to set up a disconnect service?

  • You can contact customer service at 741-8757 for disconnect services.

What type of payments do you accept?

  • Payment by check, cash, visa, master card or money order in the office.
  • Payment are accepted in the night drop box are check, and money order.
  • Payment can be made by bank draft. The form is available in our office and in the download section to your right.
  • E-payments can be made through our online portal. See below link for more information.

What is the NSF check policy?

  • All returned NSF checks returned from the bank would be redeposit.
  • If a redeposit NSF check is returned there will be a $25.00 fee and the payment is posted back to the account.

What are your office hours?

  • We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Can I view my account information online?

How do I read my water bill? See example below.

A. Service Address - Location where water services are being used.
B. Account Number - This is the number that the account has been assigned.
C. Service Period -

  • The beginning and ending date of current reading.
  • WA HGAL includes previous month reading, currant month reading, and total water in gallons used.
  • WA LA DEPT of HLT&HDS is a once a year charge required by the state.
  • SE SEWER SERVICE/USAGE is the charge for sewage usage.
  • A  AMBULANCE is a monthly charge for ambulance & EMT service.
  • SA SANITATION is the monthly charge for trash pickup.

D. Cycle - This is a code that represents the week and location of the reading.
E. Days - This is how many days in the service period.
F. Total Current Charges - Charges that were occurred during the service period.
G. Previous Balance - Due Immediately -
H. Total Due - This total includes previous unpaid balance (if due) and currant balance.
I. Due Date - This is the last day payment can be made with out en-curring a late charge.
J. After Due Date - This is the total of previous unpaid charge, currant unpaid charges and late charge.

What are the rates?

  • Residential - Ambulance- $10.00
    - Sanitation - $24.00
  • Commercial - Sanitation - depends on # of cans

What is the water charge?

Inside City Outside City
Flat Charge $8.54 $15.80
Per thousand gallons $3.03 per thousand $4.55 per thousand


What is the sewer service charge?

Inside City Outside City
Residential (per month/unit) $31.65 $47.47
Commercial/Industrial (per month/unit) $80.97 $121.45


What is the sewer user charge?

Inside City Outside City
Residential $2.49 per thousand $3.73 per thousand
Commercial/Industrial $2.49 per thousand $3.73 per thousand


  • $7.69 per 100 lbs. of suspended solids in excess of 250 mg/L.
  • $5.71 per 100 lbs. of suspended solids in excess of 250 mg/L.

All septic tank haulers dumping sewerage or sludge at the Red River Sewer Treatment Plant will be charged $30.00 per load up to 1000 gallons plus 2.50/100 gallons in excess of 1000 gallons.

Note: Sewer User Charge for residential users inside City will be computed at $2.49 or outside the City per 1000 gallons based on 80% of potable water used.




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After Hours Emergency #: 318-741-8371

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Please click on the link to download a copy of the form. Adobe reader is required to view form.

Automatic Bill Payment Form

Residential Water Application

Commercial Water Application