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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Works

Solid Waste Division

How and what will I be billed?

  • Your solid waste service will be coded as "SA" on your monthly city utility bill, with a fee of $16.00 per month. There is also a $8.00 public service fee charged under this same code.  Should you generate more household garbage and trash than your 96 gallon cart will hold, you may order a second cart for an additional $4.00 per month.

How should I prepare my garbage and trash for collection?

  • All garbage and trash must be containerized in tightly-tied plastic bag before it is placed in the city-issued cart. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and placed beside your cart.

Where and when should I place my cart for collection service?

  • Roll your cart to the curb, between the sidewalk and street by 6:30 am.

    City Ordinance mandates that carts may be placed at curbside only from 9:00 am prior to day of pickup thur 9:00 am the day after pickup.

How should I prepare yard waste?

  • Grass, leaves, clippings, pine straw, and all small yard waste matter should be containerized in plastic trash bags and placed five feet from your cart. Limbs should be cut not to exceed six feet in length and eigth inches in diameter, and stacked neatly on the curb.

How should I dispose of large items, other than yard waste?

  • Call the Bossier City Solid Waste Office at 741-8461. ALL solid waste will be collected on your regular pick-up day (appliances, furniture, metal, tires, etc.)

What is my collection day?

  • Find your neigborhood on the map displayed below to learn your collection day. If you can not tell on the map, call Bossier City Waste at 741-8464. Household garbage and trash, and yard waste will be collected on the same day.


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