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Bossier City Fire Department

Information Technology Division

The Fire Information Technology Division was created in July 2004 to help our department coordinate and manage the deployment of new and emerging technologies, PC Maintenance, maintain the department web site, provide end-user technical support and software/hardware training to our members.

The Bossier City Fire Department relies on Information Technology to remain up to date on the most current information available. Computer systems are an essential part of department's communications, within the department, the city as well as other sources of information available on a National level.

Notable areas of responsibility include:

Maintenance of Sungard's Mobile Data Browser (MDB) product which allows us to enhance out communication between dispatch and our responding emergency vehicles by offering "real-time" distribution of supplemental information and allow for silent dispatching, which allows the department to mobilize and manage multiple units more efficiently in time of crisis.

Administration of ESO Solutions, a robust, computerized field reporting system, which allows our Emergency Medical Technicians to record and store patient care information more efficiently. ESO Solutions allows EMS Administrators to more effectively monitor the quality of care provided to our citizens by our members and allows our EMS training staff a more efficient way of managing continuing education hours.

Provide help desk service to department members on a daily basis. This involves troubleshooting hardware and software problems and helping users accomplish specific tasks.

The Fire Information Technology Division will continue to grow and meet the emerging need for technology in the fire service. We will strive to provide immediate attention to the needs of our members and our department, as demanded by the nature of our business.



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Contact Us

Information Technology Division
Fire Department
City of Bossier City
620 Benton Rd
P.O. Box 5337
Bossier City, LA 71171-5337
Phone: 318-549-4532
Fax: 318-741-8739

Jeff Scott, Chief of Information Technology

Office Hours M-F: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm