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Street Sweeping and Grass Cutting

Mowing Routes

         Small Mowers                                                                                                            Tractors

I-20 – Red River to Hwy. 71                                                                            I-20 Hwy. 71 to Red Chute Bayou

I-20 Ramps                                                                                                     Hwy. 71 Jimmie Davis to City Limit

Hwy. 80 – Airline Drive to Red Chute Bayou                                                  Arthur Ray Teague Parkway

Airline Drive – shed road to City Limits                                                         Ditches in South Bossier City

Benton Road – Shed Road to City Limits                                                        Ditches in Central Bossier City

Hwy. 71 – I-20 to Jimmie Davis                                                                     Ditches in North Bossier City

Hamilton Road Underpass to Old Downtown                                                 Water Reservoir

Old Benton road to Shed Road @ Airline                                                       Industrial Park Property

Industrial Drive                                                                                             Viking Drive

Airline Drive – Hwy. 71 to I-20

Arthur Ray Teague Parkway

Stockwell Road, Shed Road, Swan Lake Road


Special Mowing

South Bossier Neighborhoods

Central Bossier Neighborhoods

North Bossier Neighborhoods

Old Police Training Center

Bossier City Arts Building

McDade Street, Rodney Street and Westerfield Street

Public Service Complex

Benton Road Overpass

Welcome to Bossier Monuments

Bus Stops


Sweeping Routes


                                             Monday                                                                               Tuesday

                                            City Hall                                                                               Griffin Lane

                                            Beckett                                                                                Cox Street

                                            Wanda Circle                                                                        North Circle

                                            Bellaire/Schuler                                                                    Hall



                                           Wednesday                                                                           Thursday

                                           Delhi                                                                                    Central Park

                                           Oglive                                                                                   Barksdale Annex

                                           Coleman                                                                               Shady Grove






                                                                                                                                       Old Greenacres





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Contact Us

City of Bossier City
Public Works
Public Service Complex
3223 Old Shed Rd
P.O. Box 5337
Bossier City, LA 71171-5337
Phone: 318.741.8402
Fax: 318.741.8407

Gary Neathery, Director
Pepper Tew, Office Manager
Brittany Scott, Service Coordinator

Office hours M-F: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm